About Jordan

Sending money to Jordon can be fast, secure and cheap when you remit money using money transfer companies’ services. This is because many banks charge high transfer fees and put high-profit margins on exchange rates. Jordon, an Arab nation is a middle-income country which receives most of its remittances from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the US, and Qatar.

The country supports multiple currencies including Jordanian Dollar (JOD), US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), and Jamaican Dollar (JMD). This helps the senders to send money in any of their choice of currency, where they are getting the best rates and low transfer fees. At Exchange Rate IQ, you will find the rates of every currency which is available in Jordon, so that you can know which is more beneficial for you as well as your recipient.

At Exchange Rate IQ, you will also find a side-by-side comparison of the companies so that you can select the best on other bases such as security, mobile apps, customer ratings and reviews, customer services, etc. You will also find the promo codes to get extra benefit on transfer fees, which you can use while transacting.