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Russia, the largest country of the world has an upper-middle income mixed economy. Many of the Russians have shifted to other countries during World War II and later to earn a better living. Their families are still in Russia and therefore, they constantly transfer money to their family and friends to assist them in day-to-day living.

These all instances have made the remittance market in Russia quite mature and many companies are offering their services in the country. So, sending money to Moscow, Saint Petersburg or anywhere else in Russia has become easy and affordable. Many companies are offering competitive exchange rates and transfer fees so that people can send money to the Russian Federation to their family members easily.

Russia receives most remittance from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany and Belarus. Other than these, the top countries include most of them which were the part of the Soviet Union. People who want to exchange their currency to Russian Ruble (RUB) should check the reviews of the companies which are offering their services in Russia. Besides, they can also compare the companies on the comparison page where they will get the details of everything in brief.

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