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Using a dedicated money transfer service to send money to Australia is way better than using the services of any bank. This is because money transfer companies offer better exchange rates as well as low transfer fees from the users compared to banks which will save a lot of your money, time and energy. The remittance industry in Australia is highly developed as many money remittance companies are offering their services there. But the major drawback is you will not get to know which one is offering the best rates and therefore, we have developed Exchange Rate IQ which will provide the details of all the companies along with their exchange rates, transfer fee, pay-in, pay-out options, transfer time, profit margin on the exchange rates and much more. You can also check summarized customer reviews of money transfer companies to make a better decision.

You can also check analyzed and summarized customer reviews of a money transfer company to make a better decision. When you can get an estimated value in Australian Dollar (AUD) for the amount being transferred and check compare exchange rate, remittance fee, transfer time etc. You can choose the best option and get a cheap way to send money to Australia.

Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Australia from Austria

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1 EUR = 1.63 AUD

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1485 reviews

1 EUR = 1.63 AUD

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Special Offer Get bonus equivalent US$ 10 off on first transaction

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