The Top Ways to Succeed in Money Transfer
By ExchangeRateIQ
3 years ago
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Money transfer is a sensitive issue, and that is why many people take extra caution before releasing any funds. With technology allowing us to send money online these days, it is good to mention that not everyone who takes part in international money transfer is getting the best experience. That is because they never take their time to understand how the system works and how they can benefit.

Without proper research, it is impossible to find a money transfer service that will best suit your transfer needs. At exchange rate IQ, we understand your struggle, and that is why we offer you the latest data on some of the transfer options that you have, including the cost of their service and rates. That means you will avoid hours of browsing the internet in the name of research.

The impact of technology in the money transfer field is almost perfect, considering that you can today send money from your app to a bank account in another country for free. The only problem is, these services may not be available in the country to which you want to send money. On the bright side, there is always an alternative that you can use and that you will also find on our website.

Succeeding in money transfer

Whether you need to send money across borders for the first time or you have been doing it, you can still succeed in money transfer. That is because you can always find the best transfer deal at that particular moment. The high competition in this industry has made it possible for international transfers to be as affordable as free with services like XE Money. Offers and transfer discounts are also a norm today and a more reason for sending money. To discover the best available transfer deals you will need to also;

  1. Look before you release funds:-

    Sending money is very easy if there is a method that you are used to, looking out for a better deal becomes hard. You will first argue that setting up a new approach is hard, while Apps to send money are free and readily available. It is always good to do some looking around before you dig into your account. No one wants to spend extra on cash transfer if they can do it for free but don’t forget to take in to account various factors like if it suits the recipient. There are so many new international money transfer solutions that will make your experience much satisfying.
  2. Learn a thing or two about exchange rates

    :-Although it is not necessary, you may need to know how the exchange rate market works for you to get the most out of your cross-border transfers. You will know the best time to send money because you will understand the market trend. Usually, exchange rates go up and down, depending on how the economy is performing. If you get to learn about exchange rates, you will be able to tell the times of the year when the exchange rates are high or low. By doing so, you will send less all the time compared to someone who does it blindly.
  3. Go with the trend

    :-In the past; it was impossible to send money abroad until services like PayPal came and changed everything. Today, there are so many online transfer companies that can help you complete your transfer. Soon, there will be a new solution taking to account that the money transfer industry is one of the fastest developing. You should always be ready for the change because they are usually an improvement of what was already ok for you. From the post office to now sending money via E-mail and Apps, a new trend is always on the way.
  4. Find out what the recipient is saying

    :-It is always good to find out what the recipient says as the best deal in their country. There are so many innovations today that have made international money transfer straight forward. In Kenya, for example, the telecommunication company, Safaricom has a service that allows its users to receive money from anywhere in the word straight into their sim card at fair rates. Some money transfer options can favor you but will give the recipient a hard time before they can finally access the money. For money transfer to be a success; everyone should be happy with the service.


You can always do better when it comes to sending money to another country, and even though it sounds like a lot of work, you should know that services like Exchange Rate IQ are here to make your experience bearable and more successful. That is since we only analyze and compare companies that are operating legally.


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