Send Money from the US to India Swiftly With This Guide
By ExchangeRateIQ
4 years ago
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Over 2 million Asians are employed in America and quite a good number of them are from India and usually have to send some money back home to their loved one. Other than supporting families, there are so many reasons why someone in America can send money to India. One common reason is to pay for outsourced services which is increasingly becoming rampant. You could be buying something from India or sending money to a charity or other causes like to cater for medical bills. Whichever the reason, it is good to know that your money transfer can be sift and manageable if you;

Discover other possible options

Many people in the United States think that they have very limited options when they want to send money from the US to India or any other part of the world. The mistake that most of them do is failing to research and compare across the many available online money exchange services. Thanks to platforms like however, finding the best rates for sending money from US to India has never been easy. Every single thing has been done for you and the only thing left for you to do is to compare the service rates.

Determine the cost-effectiveness

After comparing and finding the best rates to use for sending money from the United States to India, you need to ensure that you get value for your money from the service, understand that online exchange services work differently. Some will charge low rates on small amounts of money and high rates to transfer more money.

There are also some exchange rate services that will charge you fairly when sending more money compared to sending some little money, additionally, you will want to check on the duration of the transfer process. Usually, money exchange services from USD to INR will take more time if the rates are low but a relatively shorter time is the exchange company charges more.

Be cautious about your security

Cybersecurity is a crisis everywhere and the people who have been affected can testify that hackers are the worst. Money is a very sensitive issue and that explains why it is always under tight security. Sending money through the internet is risky more so if you don’t understand the dangers. If it is your first time sending money from the US to India then you must make sure that you are using secure internet connections. Failure to do that can easily grant a hacker full access to your device and financial data. That is why people are encouraged to avoid using public internet connections for accessing their online financial details.

Read reviews before selecting a service provider

The internet is one place where you can quickly become a victim of conning. Finding a good online money transfer company is usually not a problem. The issue usually is determining if they provide the best rate to send money to India and if thee company is legit. You can hardly tell a fake online exchange company from a genuine one by only going through the websites. Customer reviews are some of the most important information to look for before spending your money on anything online. That is because they are testimonies from people who have tried or used a particular product or service that you seek.

Con artists on the other hand have become smarter and some hire people to write positive reviews about what they provide. This can only make it hard to send money from the US to India cheaply. Thanks to platforms like Exchange Rate IQ however, all this has been simplified.


About 80 billion dollars is sent from the US to India annually. That only shows how much the US to India money remitters services are on high demand. While that is good news, it can also spell doom especially if it is your first time and you don’t have any information about how the exercise can be conducted safely. It is also good to mention that before dealing with any online money exchange company, try and compare the exchange rates. Some money exchange companies are slow to implementing changes and this can negatively or positively favor you depending on where the rates stand.



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