Here is what really matters in money transfer
By ExchangeRateIQ
3 years ago
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There are different kinds of money transfer services, but all of them revolve around the following factors;

  1. Accessibility

    You will want to ensure that your money transfer agent is always available and at your disposal at all times. That explains why many people want to send money online. It is because all they need is their smartphones and a money transfer App of their choice. Also, make sure that the transfer service is accessible to the recipient so that the process does not become complicated for them. Although you can transfer money across accounts like from an online account to a real bank account, the terms are sometimes unfavorable, and the funds can delay. Online money transfer services, on the other hand, manageable because the Apps and web access are usually free. Opening bank accounts may not be as free and accessible.

  2. Quality of service

    The process of sending money abroad should be smooth and straight forward provided that it has been verified that it is not an illegal transfer. When sending your money, you don’t expect to deal with other issues that make your transfer to become a headache. Keep in mind that there are so many players in the cash transfer industry, and most certainly, they are different from each other. Some are cheap, while others can be costly. Regardless of this, customers are entitled to a flawless service that leaves them impressed and satisfied. The customer care support service also needs to be professionally helpful and available at all times.

  3. Rates and exchange rates

    The cost of sending money to a particular country is one of the first things that many people check on. To some, it is the only factor that they consider before sending money. Knowing how much it will become costly for you to complete a transfer is good, but it is even better to compare exchange rates across various available transfer options. That is if you want to find cheap ways to send money. Many people don’t know that when they work with transfer agents that offer high exchange rates, it cuts down not only the cost of transfer but the total amount to be sent. Some people don’t pay attention to the exchange rates allowing the transfer agents and low prices are risky because they can be a way of exploiting you. Always remember to consider if the recipient will be charged on withdrawal to avoid sending less money or so that you can agree on who covers the withdrawal fee.

  4. Timeliness

    Time is money, and we all know that. It is why any transaction that you make should be complete within when you intend it to. There are some cases where money can delay with a few minutes, hours, and even days. Once in a while is understandable, especially if you are sending money to a new account for the first time or, you have sent a more substantial amount of money than usual. However, if the delays become a norm, then it can be unfavorable. Some money transfer companies have come down crushing because they could not maintain completing transactions on time. Always take time to find out if customers have been complaining about their money getting delayed. Usually, delayed transfers should be cleared much faster with the help of the customer care team.

  5. Tracking your money

    Have you noticed that some people will send you money and still follow up even though they know that you have received the cash? It is known as tracking because until it is confirmed that payment has reached its designated owner or account, the transaction is not complete. Any international money App will allow you to track your money by notifying you through text or emails. Without knowing the status of your transaction, you can quickly lose money or end up applying for a refund, which only leads to complications that can make you lose money. That is why any transfer will come with a unique transaction ID to represent your transfer.


Today, you can send money instantly online and see your cash reach abroad in a matter of seconds. That, however, does not rule out the fact that you cannot be conned. The money transfer industry is one of the most targeted by hackers, and in some extreme cases, you can end up sending money using a fake transfer service. Thanks to Exchange Rate IQ; however, you can avoid all this mess and discover the best way to send money abroad.


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