Exchange rate market trends for 2020
By ExchangeRateIQ
3 years ago

Some of the exchange market trends expected in 2020 include;

  1. Online exchange services :

    Smartphone and computer technology has significantly impacted the exchange rate market. In the past, one had to physically visit the bank or the financial institutions that offered these services. That, however, does not mean that you can no longer opt to sell or buy currency physically. Financial institutions, however, are pushing more for online exchange services, and that is evident from services like online banking and online loan services. For any money exchange rate company to survive in today’s market, the online space must be a priority. Besides, everyone wants to do everything swiftly using their phones.

  2. Serving the global market :

    Money exchange services are quite straight forward when you are dealing directly with the exchange provider. That is because they usually accept all currencies available in the world. The first-ever online money exchange companies had a lot of problems when it comes to dealing with f from other parts of the world. With the lack of merchants to facilitate the processes, it was as if online exchange rate services were a bad idea. Today, things have changed, and if you have been keen, many of these companies are incorporating currencies from all over the world. A successful online exchange rate company is one that can seamlessly provide quality services to anyone in the world.

  3. Improved service rates :

    We have reached a point where companies are more focused on serving their clients than exploiting them. For any forex exchange company to survive, there must be customers who need the service and many customers for that matter. If there is one thing that usually scares off customers are costly services. For example, if you want to send money from the United States to India for instance and realize that company A has better rates than company B, many will choose A considering all factors. It explains why many people spend time online comparing rates. It has been predicted that many exchange rate companies are going to lower their service cost to increase their pool of customers.

  4. Acceptance of the cryptocurrency :

    The cryptocurrency is still a big issue, and many people who are not familiar with this digital currency are wondering how Bitcoin is the most valued currency. A few years ago, no forex exchange company would accept a cryptocurrency because the whole idea is complicated. Today, you can easily trade your cryptocurrency on various online exchange rate platforms. More forex trading companies are seen allowing cryptocurrency in 2020 to cater to the people who earn using these digital currencies.

  5. Strategized marketing :

    Competition in the money exchange world is not a joke, and some companies are going as far as merging to improve business. In the past, there were limited options if you needed to exchange currencies. But now that there are so many options to go with, exchange rate companies will need to go the extra mile to win customers. As much as all these companies will want to bank on online marketing, it takes the right knowledge, skills, and market research to execute the proper online marketing. This will make it easy for customers to find an exchange rate company depending on what they need and not because a particular exchange company is accessible.


Predicted trends in the forex exchange rate market are expected to simplify things for the players. Customers will get to enjoy the quality and reasonably priced services while the money exchange and transfer service will get to make more profits by winning more clients. Either way, 2020 is excellent for both established and startup money exchange and transfer companies.


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