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Vietnam is one of the world’s largest foreign remittance recipient with $12.30 billion received in 2015 from across the globe. The United States is the largest remittance source for Vietnam. The remittance market of Vietnam is growing fast and is quite competitive with many players.

To gain from this competitive market, consumers need an independent platform where they can search for all available remittance options and compare them side-by side to choose the best one for their needs. This way they can also save on the overall cost of money transfer. Exchange Rate IQ is such an innovative platform which brings in much needed transparency to the remittance market in Vietnam.

With a better estimate of converted amount in Vietnamese Dong (VND) for your amount to be transferred, you can escape the trap of remittance provider offering lower exchange rate in the name of “0 fee” or “No Commission”. Exchange Rate IQ will save you money, time and energy in choosing the best

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