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Thailand is a newly industrialized country. GDP of Thailand is heavily dependent on industry and services sector. In 2015, Thailand received over $ 5.2 billion worth foreign remittances with $ 1.4 billion sent from US. Other significant senders being Malaysia, Germany, Australia and Japan.

Thailand can receive multiple currencies when you transfer money. It supports Thai Baht (THB), Lebanese Pound (LBP), US Dollar (USD) and Philippines Peso (PHP). You can explore various options to transfer money to Thailand in these currencies and compare them at ExchangeRateIQ.

Make sure you check Mid market rate, exchange rate offered by remittance provider and fees to get the best value for your money transfer. You can easily save your time and money by using ExchangeRateIQ - a unified search and compare platform for international money transfer.

Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Thailand

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1 USD = 32.02 THB

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1 USD = 31.98 THB

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1 USD = 31.61 THB

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1 USD = 31.6 THB

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1 USD = 31.39 THB

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venstarexchange's Reviews
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1 USD = 32.03 THB

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