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Lebanon, also officially known as Lebanese Republic is the smallest recognized country of Asia. Situated in western Asia, the country has its own currency known as Lebanese Pound (LBP). Services sector constitutes around three fourth portion of the whole national GDP.

There are more Lebanese living outside (around 14 million) Lebanon than within (around 4 million). In 2015, Lebanon received foreign remittances of over $7.4 billion. The major portion of this came from US and UAE.

You get two currency options to send Money to Lebanon i.e. USD or LBP. In order to get the best value for your money transfer to Lebanon, make sure you compare various money transfer services. Do check the mid market exchange rate and compare the offered exchange rate, fees and transfer time. Checking the reviews and offers of money transfer company before sending your hard-earned money will help you be safe and save money. You can use ExchnageRateIQ for all your remittance needs to save t

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