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Czech Republic is a nation state in Central Europe. Czech Republic is the highest growing economy in Europe and possesses the status of a developed high-income economy. Currency of Czech Republic is Czech Koruna (CZK).

In year 2015, Czech Republic received foreign remittances worth $ 2.69 billion. There are multiple options to send remittances to Czech Republic. You can easily compare them with respect to exchange rate, remittance fee and transfer time at EchangeRateIQ.

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Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Czech-republic

transferwise's Reviews
54047 reviews

1 USD = 22.66 CZK

currencyfair's Reviews
2980 reviews

1 USD = 22.52 CZK

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ria's Reviews
2391 reviews

1 USD = 22.32 CZK

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money2anywhere's Reviews
7 reviews

1 USD = 20.79 CZK

venstarexchange's Reviews
0 reviews

1 USD = 22.08 CZK

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