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Colombia is an American country which was once under spanish rule. The official language of Colombia is Spanish and currency is Colombian Peso (COP). However it accepts remittances in multiple currencies; which are Colombian Peso (COP), US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR) and Chinese Yuan (CNY).

In year 2015, foreign remittance inflow to Colombia was of $ 4.67 billion. Most of the leading money transfer operators provide their services to send money to Colombia. You should compare these for exchange rate, remittance fees and transfer time to get the best value for your money transfer to Colombia.

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Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Colombia

transferwise's Reviews
58779 reviews

1 USD = 3133.5 COP

wellsfargo's Reviews
92 reviews

1 USD = 3103.13 COP

transfast's Reviews
2542 reviews

1 USD = 3072.87 COP

pangeamoneytransfer's Reviews
839 reviews

1 USD = 3056.79 COP

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Special Offer Get $10 for every friend who sends money with Pangea
remitly's Reviews
13128 reviews

1 USD = 3020.82 COP

One offers available
Special Offer New customers - Get more exchange rate on your first transaction
money2anywhere's Reviews
7 reviews

1 USD = 2986.61 COP

instarem's Reviews
1485 reviews

1 USD = 3131.5 COP

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