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Brazil’s economy is the largest in the latin america and second largest in the americas. Due to Portugal’s colonization of Brazil, it is quite influenced by portuguese culture and civilization. It is also among the countries that received most immigrants. Brazil has immigrants from various european countries, middle east, the United States, Japan and South Africa.

In year 2015, Brazil received $ 2.89 billion worth inward remittances. Among this, major portion was sent from US, Japan and Portugal. Brazil also sent outward remittances worth $ 1.62 billion. Of this amount, Japan, China, Lebanon, and European countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy and France received the most.

The remittance market of Brazil is quite developed and it has all kinds of remittance providers like banks, traditional money transfer companies and next generation money transfer companies. If you want to send money to Brazil, make sure you compare them to get the best value for US Dollar to Br

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