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Bangladesh received $15.8 billion in year 2015, accounting to over 6% of the country’s GDP. The most of it comes from the expatriates working in blue collared jobs in arabian and south asian countries. The money transferred by them is the major source of income of the remittance receiving households. Considering this fact, they should search and use the money transfer options which can save their hard-earned money spent in remittance fee.

When sending money to Bangladesh, one can choose the best options with maximum exchange rate and minimum remittance fee on Exchange Rate IQ. This unified platform lists all options to transfer money to Bangladesh. You can compare the available options and also get an estimated value in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) of the amount being transferred.

By providing all the required information and transparency, Exchange Rate IQ helps you find the cheapest option to remit money to Bangladesh quick and safe.

Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Bangladesh

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1 USD = 83.4 BDT

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1 USD = 82.96 BDT

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instarem's Reviews
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1 USD = 84.75 BDT

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