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We are helping you to provide Remitmoney Promo codes and offers so that you can save money and aware of daily promotions and deals offered by Remitmoney. Those expats who do money transfer on regular basis or in every month then they should be aware of discounts and offers available on Remitmoney. Also, you could get Remitmoney offers and discounts if you are a first time user. We update Remitmoney Promo Codes on regular basis.

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Invite your friend and Earn Cashpoints worth INR 500

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Are there any promotional offers or discounts on RemitMoney?

On RemitMoney , provide exciting offers to our customers every now and then. they keep registered customers posted about all latest offers through Mail and SMS. In order to know about RemitMoney latest offers.

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How do I earn Cash-points points by referral?

Tell your friends about RemitMoney using the unique link they provide you. When your friend signs up and completes their first transfer with us you will be automatically be given reward Cash-points (worth INR 500 on successful completion of your friend's transfer).

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What if I do not get my reward Cash-points?

You can contact RemitMoney 24/7 Customer Care team and let them know. They will check your unique code and the referral friend's transaction to help you in getting the credit.

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Are there any limits on the RemitMoney offer?

You can refer as many friends as you want and earn points for each referral. However, you will receive the points when they successfully complete a transfer on RemitMoney.

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How can I earn Cash points on my transfer?

RemitMoney gives you cash-points every time you transact successfully. These cash-points earned can be redeemed on the consecutive transactions

The Cash-points can be earned as follows:

For every INR 200 that you send to India, you earn 1 point which is equal to 10 paise

INR 200 sent = 1 point = 10 paise:

Thus, INR 2000 sent = 10 points = 1 INR & so on

These points keep on getting accumulated as you transact

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