PostOffice Vs Travelex Vs WorldRemit (Compare PostOffice and Travelex and WorldRemit)

Compare PostOffice and Travelex and WorldRemit to find the best money transfer services. Check PostOffice and Travelex and WorldRemit money transfer service to send money online. Read detail review of PostOffice and Travelex and WorldRemit remittance services.

PostOffice Vs Travelex Vs WorldRemit

PostOffice Travelex WorldRemit
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About There are multiple money remittance companies in the UK which offer their services across the globe at low fees and best exchange rates. But the UK government is also providing its services in the sector with Post Office which offers its online as well as offline transfers. So, the experts of Exchan >>More Travelex is one of the world’s leading foreign-exchange companies, so, if you are planning for taking a foreign trip, you can use the services of it. Travelex makes it easy to obtain the foreign currency you need before you head out on your overseas trip and provide you with the currencies at ease >>More Thinking of using a remittance service to transfer funds across borders and not able to find a proper review. Here at Exchange Rate IQ, we provide you with the best-unbiased reviews in a precise manner which are based on long research, customer satisfaction and authenticity. Therefore, we have bough >>More
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Fees - - 0.01 USD to 135.00 USD
PayIn Methods - - Bank
Credit Card
Debit Card
PayOut Methods - - Bank
Home Delivery
Transfer Time - - Same Day to 3-5 Days
Android App Yes - Yes
iOS App Yes - Yes
Email [email protected] - WorldRemit Contact
Phone 0345 8500 900 -
Minimum Amount No limit - US $1
Maximum Amount £20,000 - US $9,000
Exchange Rate 5% or higher margin at exchange rate - >1% margin on exchange rates
Countries Supported Services available only for the residents of the UK - 145+
Currenices Supported 200+ - 30+
Security Financial Conduct Authority - FCA
Overall Security By ERIQ
Language English - English, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, French, Nederlands
Direct Registration Fill the form offline and hand it at the counter. You will receive information about your registration on your official number. - Website only
Bussiness Transfer Not available - Not available
Customer Care Monday to Saturday from 8:30am to 5:30pm - 24*7 customer services available
Exchange Rate - -
Send Money FromSend Money ToRate
Australia Bangladesh ó 61.65
Australia Canada $ 0.91
Australia India ₹ 55.22
Australia Mexico $ 14.84
Australia Nepal NP₨ 88.04
Australia Pakistan PKRs 125.21
Australia Philippines ₱ 37.22
Australia Sri Lanka ₨ 144.35
Canada Bangladesh ó 68.36
Canada India ₹ 60.12
Canada Mexico $ 15.99
Canada Nepal NP₨ 94.07
Canada Pakistan PKRs 136.3
Canada Philippines ₱ 40.46
Canada Sri Lanka ₨ 160.06
Hong Kong Bangladesh ó 10.7
Hong Kong Canada $ 0.16
Hong Kong India ₹ 9.55
Hong Kong Mexico $ 2.57
Hong Kong Nepal NP₨ 14.99
Hong Kong Pakistan PKRs 21.39
Hong Kong Philippines ₱ 6.37
Hong Kong Sri Lanka ₨ 25.05
Euro Countries Bangladeshó 96.18
Euro Countries Canada$ 1.42
Euro Countries India₹ 85.88
Euro Countries Mexico$ 23.15
Euro Countries NepalNP₨ 135
Euro Countries PakistanPKRs 195.61
Euro Countries Philippines₱ 57.77
Euro Countries Sri Lanka₨ 225.18
Singapore Bangladesh ó 62.67
Singapore Canada $ 0.91
Singapore India ₹ 55.22
Singapore Mexico $ 15.08
Singapore Nepal NP₨ 87.3
Singapore Pakistan PKRs 125.2
Singapore Philippines ₱ 37.45
Singapore Sri Lanka ₨ 147.18
Switzerland Bangladesh ó 89.74
Switzerland Canada $ 1.33
Switzerland India ₹ 80.21
Switzerland Mexico $ 21.58
Switzerland Nepal NP₨ 125.89
Switzerland Pakistan PKRs 182.51
Switzerland Philippines ₱ 53.85
Switzerland Sri Lanka ₨ 210.75
United Kingdom Bangladesh ó 115.74
United Kingdom Canada $ 1.69
United Kingdom India ₹ 102.66
United Kingdom Mexico $ 27.44
United Kingdom Nepal NP₨ 163.45
United Kingdom Pakistan PKRs 232.64
United Kingdom Philippines ₱ 68.88
United Kingdom Sri Lanka ₨ 271.55
USA Bangladesh ó 82.6
USA Canada $ 1.21
USA India ₹ 74.14
USA Mexico $ 20.17
USA Nepal NP₨ 117.38
USA Pakistan PKRs 167.41
USA Philippines ₱ 49.9
USA Sri Lanka ₨ 193.6
  • Multiple transfer options and travel card also available
  • Covers over 200 countries to transfer money from UK.
  • Highly secured by the government
  • 24/7 customer support available in more than 20 countries
  • No minimum transfer limit
  • Ease to use website and apps.
  • Competitive exchange rates with multiple sending and receiving options
  • Have an online calculator so that you can get an accurate quote.
  • Low exchange rates compared than many of its competitors
  • Low transfer limit
  • Have a low maximum transfer limit of $10,000
  • Does not offer business transfer
  • The transfer fee is not fixed and changes according to the currency, type of transfer and mode of payment.
  • Not all transfer methods are available for all countries.
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