Frequently Asked Questions

Security FAQ

What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer, most commonly referred as SSL, is a security protocol to encrypt transmission between server (such as website) and a receiver (such as browser). SSL is must on any websites dealing with money. SSL prevents cyber criminals stealing your information by encrypting the data between transmission.

What is 256 bit encryption?

256 bit encryption is security technology which employs data encryption and decryption using 256 bit key. More bits in a key makes it harder to guess, harder to decrypt the data. With said so it is clear that 256 bit encryption is more secure than 128 bit encryption. Majority of remittance companies use 256 bit encryption.

How do I know site I am visiting is secure?

If address (aka URL) of website of you are visiting begins with “https://” and your browser does not complain about its security certificate it is a secure website. All modern browsers validate website security certificate and alert user if there is any issue with certificate. Visual indicators for secure site is a lock symbol in browsers address bar. If there is issue with site’s security certificate address bar shows URL with striked out https.

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