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Mid Market Rate

The mid-market rate is the midpoint between the buy and sell prices of two currencies.
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WorldRemit is an online money transfer service that provides international remittance services to expatriates and migrant workers



More Available Options

You can check rates of some more providers that may support your country
With a worldwide agent network of more than 314,000 locations in 144 countries and growing
Travelex is a money remittance company which is specially known for providing effective services to travelers across the world. People can transfer money online, use its money card and get currency exchanged at its stores. 
Western Union is an American financial services company which offer money remittance to more than 200 countries across the globe.

About USD and ARS

Argentina’s currency is known as Argentina Peso. It is identifiable by the dollar symbol preceding the amount just like many countries using the symbol. The number of international transfers made from the US to Argentina is huge and is rapidly increasing. Many transactions today are carried out between these two states owing to the various trade ties between them. If you need to make an international money transfer from US to Argentina, you have to compare the USD to ARS exchange rates and the transfer fees to get the best deal. This is because there are many companies and service providers that bring these kinds of services to you. Learn more about them here at Exchange Rate IQ.

Best way to send money from the US to Argentina

    1. Banks

      They offer transfer of cash through bank deposits provided you pay a certain amount of transfer fees. They help track your money until it reaches the recipient. You have the option of canceling the transfer within a period of 30 minutes after sending it in case you change your mind or realize an error.

    2. Online Money Transfer Companies

      XE Money, Remitly, Xoom and World Remit are some of the most widely used money transfer companies in the US. They offer relatively lower rates than banks and most online services. In addition to that, they have a good customer support system that not only helps track your cash but also guide you through all the transfer procedures.

    3. Service providers with cash pick up

      Western Union and Travelex are two of the most trusted brands when it comes to sending money internationally. They charge low transfer costs as compared to banks but slightly higher than online money transfer companies. Nevertheless, they guarantee that your money will reach its recipient within 10 minutes or less.

    4. Direct transfer

      The direct transfer method, also known as the ACH transfers are renowned and widely used in the United States. They offer bank to bank as well as electronic services to your convenience. Transfers usually take about 2-3 days for them to be cleared for pick up after which the recipient can get his or her money.

5 important things to consider when sending money from US to Argentina.

To get the best way to send money from US to Argentina, there are several options you have to choose from. From these options, you have to do a comparison as to which ones offer the best rates that suit your preference. Some of the factors to put in mind when you want to transfer money to Argentina from US for the first time or you are looking for alternative include:

  • Transfer Fees: Are the transfer costs suitable for me? Some service providers offer low to no transfer fees to attract more customers for a service that can cost you more if you choose the wrong money transfer company.

  • Time: How long will it take for my recipient to get his or her money? Is my transfer urgent or can it wait?

  • Exchange Rates: What are the exchange rates? Choosing a rate closer to the mid-market rate will add more value to your money. At Exchange Rate IQ, you can quickly compare these rates.

  • Simplicity: What processes and procedures are to be followed to make the transfer happen? Simplicity without compromising safety is key when choosing a money transfer option.

  • Requirements: What documents do I need to have to make the transfer happen? You need to provide certain details, open up accounts, register with some service providers and provide addresses depending on the transfer option that you choose.

Fastest way to send money from the US to Argentina

Money transfer services such as XE Money and XOOM are some of the several companies that see to it that your money reaches its destination in the shortest time possible. Also they offer the most affordable rates offered in the market.


Is sending money from the US to Argentina expensive?

Yes and no. You will have to incur extra fees for quick transfers but almost all the rates are relatively fair. The difference comes in the method through which you choose to send your money and the most preferred method of pick-up on the recipient’s side.

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Will my money be safe during transfer to Argentina from US?

You have to do background research on all these options to render your transfer a smooth transaction. Here at Exchange Rate IQ, we compare all the available options for you to help you make the best possible decision concerning this. It however does not mean that people don’t get conned when they want to send money from US to Argentina.

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Can I send money to Argentina from US now?

Most of the online money transfer platforms allow you to sign up for an account and begin enjoying the services immediately. You will however need to ensure that you only use accurate details when opening up such accounts.

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Historical Mid Market Exchange Rate From US Dollar (USD) to Argentina Peso (ARS) (Weekly)

Current Exchange Rate(Mid Market) :- 844.15 ARS/USD

Mid-market Rate is a currency exchange rate. Usually traders in currency exchange market have two exchange rates -
  • Selling exchange rate - at which sellers are willing to sell a particular currency and
  • Buying exchange rate - at which buyers are willing to buy a particular currency.
Mid-market rate is the mid-point of these two rates. This is the most transparent and the most accurate exchange rate. It is also known as “Interbank Rate” or “Spot Rate” or “Real Exchange Rate”. This is the rate which independent sources like Reuter, Google etc show.

Compare Currency Conversion USD To ARS

Send US Dollar To ARGENTINA Receive Argentina Peso
1 USD TO ARS 844.15
50 USD TO ARS 42207.5
100 USD TO ARS 84415
250 USD TO ARS 211037.5
500 USD TO ARS 422075
1000 USD TO ARS 844150
5000 USD TO ARS 4220750
10000 USD TO ARS 8441500
Send Argentina Peso Receive US Dollar From ARGENTINA
1000 ARS FROM USD --
5000 ARS FROM USD --
10000 ARS FROM USD --

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