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Mid Market Rate

The mid-market rate is the midpoint between the buy and sell prices of two currencies.
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More Available Options

You can check rates of some more providers that may support your country
Travelex is a money remittance company which is specially known for providing effective services to travelers across the world. People can transfer money online, use its money card and get currency exchanged at its stores. 
Western Union is an American financial services company which offer money remittance to more than 200 countries across the globe.

About USD and IDR

Indonesia boasts the largest economy in Southeast Asia and is one of the emerging markets in the world today. The reason behind this is constant trade deals and cross-border relationships with the US. It is, therefore, safe to say that the amount of remittances made to Indonesia from US is high.

Top-picks to send money from US to Indonesia

With all these said, you may be asking what options there are for sending money from US to Indonesia. Indeed there are many options all offering different incentives for your pick. You, however, have to be careful because, with all these options, you can get confused at times as to which ones to choose.

If you are looking for the fastest way to send money from US to Indonesia and want to have an easy time, then choosing an online money transfer company is the way to go. There are many of these companies but we have sampled the best for you. An example of some that offer affordable rates you can find in the market today. Include XE Money, Instarem, Pangea, and TransferWise that offer some of the most affordable rates you can find in the market today. 

Pangea is a shared service provider among Asian countries and guarantees excellent services. It is fair, fast and easy to use besides offering secure transactions.

On the other hand, globally trusted agents like Travelex and Western Union are superb when it comes to making quick transfers that are receivable via an agent’s locations. Some of their most inviting attributes are:

  • Variety of Services
  • Vast network of Agents, Kiosks and ATMs.
  • Most trusted service providers.

You can also send money directly to a bank account in Indonesia from US banks in a short time. 

5 things to consider before sending money to Indonesia from US

  • Payment options: You have to look at the various methods through which you can deposit your money for the transfer. Is it online or is it via direct cash deposits and checks through the bank? 
  • Exchange Rates: You have to make sure that you get the most IDR for USD to render your transfer of much value. Always make sure to take advantage of the best exchange rates that these companies have to offer and save more.
  • Duration of transfer: You may want to send your money urgently from US to Indonesia. If so, you have to pick a quick and reliable transfer option. Nevertheless, most transfer companies offer high rates for fast transfers. Put this in mind. XE Money offers fast transfers at affordable rates and no transfer fees.
  • Pick-up method: Your recipient may choose the manner in which he or she wants to collect the money. You will then be obliged to select an option that offers that type of pick-up method.
  • Security: No one wants their money squandered by some fraudulent or careless service provider. That is why here at Exchange Rate IQ, we have sampled some of the best transfer agencies such as XE Money and Ria that guarantee the safety of your money until it arrives at its destination.


How do I compare exchange rates?

Here at Exchange Rate IQ, we have already made every comparison you need to know concerning the transfer of currencies. USD to IDR is no exception. 

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Is there a restriction on the number of times I can send money from US to Indonesia?

Not at all. You can send money as many times as you want provided you pick an option that can accommodate the amount of money you wish to transfer and that is reliable enough to do so. Some providers are not consistent and may delay your transfers. That is why here at Exchange Rate IQ, we present the most convenient and trusted companies in the market.

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What is the simplest way to send money from US to Indonesia?

Development in technology has made it easier today to transfer money from US to Indonesia from the comfort of your home or from anywhere using your smartphone. After registering with a service provider, you can access their services for transferring money. 

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Historical Mid Market Exchange Rate From Kuwait Dinar (KWD) to Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) (Weekly)

Current Exchange Rate(Mid Market) :- 47094.82 IDR/KWD

Mid-market Rate is a currency exchange rate. Usually traders in currency exchange market have two exchange rates -
  • Selling exchange rate - at which sellers are willing to sell a particular currency and
  • Buying exchange rate - at which buyers are willing to buy a particular currency.
Mid-market rate is the mid-point of these two rates. This is the most transparent and the most accurate exchange rate. It is also known as “Interbank Rate” or “Spot Rate” or “Real Exchange Rate”. This is the rate which independent sources like Reuter, Google etc show.

Compare Currency Conversion KWD To IDR

Send Kuwait Dinar To INDONESIA Receive Indonesia Rupiah
1 KWD TO IDR 47094.82
50 KWD TO IDR 2354741
100 KWD TO IDR 4709482
250 KWD TO IDR 11773705
500 KWD TO IDR 23547410
1000 KWD TO IDR 47094820
5000 KWD TO IDR 235474100
10000 KWD TO IDR 470948200
Send Indonesia Rupiah Receive Kuwait Dinar From INDONESIA
1000 IDR FROM KWD --
5000 IDR FROM KWD --
10000 IDR FROM KWD --

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