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Mid Market Rate

The mid-market rate is the midpoint between the buy and sell prices of two currencies.
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Travelex is a money remittance company which is specially known for providing effective services to travelers across the world. People can transfer money online, use its money card and get currency exchanged at its stores. 
Western Union is an American financial services company which offer money remittance to more than 200 countries across the globe.

About Sri -Lanka and the USA

Current statistics have it at 3 million as the population of Sri Lankan immigrants living or working outside their country. As the numbers increase, so is the transfer of money to Sri Lanka. For example, research by Pew Research Center states in 2017, a whopping $7,190 million was the total amount transferred to Sri Lanka.

Below is a well-researched comparison of these money transfer services that you can use to send money to Sri-Lanka from the USA.

Top picks for sending money to Sri Lanka from US


The best way to send money from the USA to Sri Lanka is Transferwise. It offers the perfect balance between cost, usability, and speed. The simplicity and convenience Transferwise also comes with overshadows to take one or two days for the transfer to be completed. You can experience exceptional value and ease of service by sending money to Sri Lanka from the USA through Transferwise.

Steps to Transfer money to Sri Lanka from US through Transferwise:

  1. Visit their website and create an account
  2. Give your and recipient’s account details
  3. Be specific in how much money sending to Sri Lanka
  4. Pay necessary charges, and that's it.
  5. Tap on how much, and where to


Among the best ways to send money to Sri Lanka from the USA, Remitly not only offers peace of mind for you, but the recipient receives the transferred money within the day. For matters that can wait a few hours, this option guarantees that.

How to send money to Sri Lanka with Remitly

  1. Visit the Remitly website and create an account
  2. Pick your delivery partner
  3. Enter the details of your recipient
  4. Enter the payment information as required
  5. Track your transfer from either your email or text updates for you and your recipient


The fastest way to send money from the USA to Sri-Lanka would be through the Paypal services offered under Xoom. It is not only fast but also provides more convenience from the app. Once you pick up a convenient cash pickup point throughout Sri Lanka, your money is typically available in minutes.

Ensure you have a PayPal account for the services to work.

Ria Money

When looking for an ideal balance between cost and speed, Ria money is the way to go when transferring money from USA to Sri-Lanka. This service delivers your money in a matter of minutes. While it might not be very comfortable to use for first-timers, with a visit to their website, the instructions should make it easy to understand.

The mobile application has convenience covered with a touch of a button in your hands.

In-Store Money Transfers

These third-party money transfer services include Western Union and MoneyGram. Through their agency networks, your loved ones in Sri Lanka will receive the money sent in addition to the online transfer option they offer.

For as low as just 4 dollars, your family will receive the money sent conveniently and fast directly to their bank account or an agent location within their vicinity. 

Steps to transfer money from USA to Sri Lanka using Ria Money; 

  1. Sign up for an online account on the website 
  2. Choose the payout method, 
  3. Input the recipient information and indicate how much you intend to pay for the transfer. 

What to have in when sending money to Sri -Lanka

Money Regime

Sri Lanka has a skimming cash system where the market forces control the estimations of the Sri Lankan rupee. In any case, contingent upon the turn of macroeconomic occasions, the legislature comes in to stabilize. Such mediations may influence the estimation of the sums you transfer. 

General Tax

Transfers up to $10,000 from Sri Lankan living abroad isn't viewed as taxable pay. In any case, any returns from these transfers in Sri Lanka get taxed at the individual or corporate rate dependent upon the start of the business. 

Non-Resident Foreign Currency (NRFC) Accounts

This record office is focused at Sri Lankans in the diaspora to assist them with overseeing low-interest rates and runaway inflation. 


How do I send money from the US to Sri Lanka conveniently?

Online money transfer services offer the fastest way to send money from US to Sri-Lanka. Additionally, you can complete the transaction from your phone or computer and takes a short time to sign up. If you don’t trust the internet then you can consider options.

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Is there a limit to how much you can send to Sri-Lanka from US

That entirely depends on the international money transfer service you choose to work with. Some don’t have limits like XE Money while others only allow you to maintain your transaction within some set limits. You need to confirm this before selecting your transfer company or you can be disappointed.

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How many times can I send money to Sri-Lanka to US in a day?

You can send money across the Sri-Lanka border from US as many times as you wish provided you follow the right protocol and you are not involved in any illegal trade. You will however want to find out if your service provider has limits for the number of transactions you can make in a day. Good news is, you can quickly shift to another service provider if you reach a maximum limit and still need to remit.

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Compare Currency Conversion EUR To LKR

Send Euro Member Countries To SRI-LANKA Receive Sri Lanka Rupee
1 EUR TO LKR 215.54
50 EUR TO LKR 10777
100 EUR TO LKR 21554
250 EUR TO LKR 53885
500 EUR TO LKR 107770
1000 EUR TO LKR 215540
5000 EUR TO LKR 1077700
10000 EUR TO LKR 2155400
Send Sri Lanka Rupee Receive Euro Member Countries From SRI-LANKA
1000 LKR FROM EUR --
5000 LKR FROM EUR --
10000 LKR FROM EUR --

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