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Highest remittance rate for converting 1 EUR to EUR = 1

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Explore the best rates to send money from France to Ukraine with Exchange Rate IQ. We help you to find the best way to send your money to Ukraine by comparing some of the most available services near you. Through our platform, you will need to spend only a few minutes to make the best decision.

Many people are stuck between options when it comes to sending money from France to Ukraine because of the many available and confusing options. Thanks to Exchange Rate IQ however, you can quickly select a suitable money transfer service and learn how services like XE Money can make life easier for you.

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You Pay (Includes Fee € 0) € 500
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€ 500
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azimo EUR to EUR Exchange Rate
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Azimo is a one of the safest & leading money transfer service provider for sending money from France to Ukraine for sending amount 500. Today’s Azimo exchange rate for sending money from EUR to EUR is 1 with a € 0 fee. Based on the Exchange Rate IQ calculations it offers the Best Value for your money transfer. The realized exchange rate after considering the fees is 1. The pay in options available are Bank, Creditcard, Debitcard, also you can receive money using Cashpickup, at multiple Azimo partner locations. The transfer time usually range between . For more detailed review of Azimo click here

More Available Options

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Travelex is a money remittance company which is specially known for providing effective services to travelers across the world. People can transfer money online, use its money card and get currency exchanged at its stores. 
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EUR to EUR - Best Money Transfer Service Review Summary

  • Which is the best option available to send money from France to Ukraine after comparison?
  • With our real-time comparison on sending money from France to Ukraine ,
      we have found Azimo remittance services who are providing competitive exchange rates.
  • Top 1 companies are - ( Azimo, 1 ) .
  • To remit money in the bank account of Ukraine, best companies is ( Azimo, 1 ).
  • Current money transfer offeres/promotions are available with Azimo money transfer services.
  • For quick money transfer from France to Ukraine with agent service is Azimo with exchange rate 1.
  • Available pay in when sending money from France to Ukraine Bank, Creditcard, Debitcard.
  • Available pay out when sending money from France to Ukraine Cashpickup.
  • Other options to transfer money from France to Ukraine are Moneygram, Xendpay, Travelex, Ria, Skrill, Westernunion .
  • The comparison result was last updated on Jun 19, 2021.
  • For the latest comparison result of France to Ukraine, Please visit ExchangeRate IQ regularly.

About France and Ukraine

Sending money from France to Ukraine has never been a problem especially now that global remittance has been made easy. With France hosting a good number of Ukrainians, money transfer companies are making it easier for them to send money home. In the past, money transfer from France to Ukraine could take a very long time. This has changed over time, until today where you can complete your transfer instantly. 

What is the best way to send money from France to Ukraine?

In this century, money transfer has reached levels whereby you can send money to any part of the world. Through our platform, we help you find the best rate to send money to Ukraine within a matter of minutes. However, it is good to understand that there are three main ways of sending money that has been adopted globally thanks to evolution. They include:

Money Apps: One of the best ways of sending money from France to Ukraine should be through money apps. That is because they only require the internet and a smartphone or computer which are readily available in both countries. Other requirements may include personal and bank details to help with bank transfers. Some of the top online money transfer agents to Ukraine from Sudan according to customers include; TransferGo, Remitly, TransferWise, not forgetting Ria Transfer, and XE Money.

Bank: It is safe to say that banks have been offering EUR to UAH conversion for a longer time than money apps and today, both are collaborating to make your transfer more efficient. Using your money app, you can send money directly into a Ukrainian bank account provided that you have a debit or credit account. Although the transaction may not be the fastest way to send money from France to Ukraine, it is a safe way to transact money for buying things like property or paying for school fees. 

Direct cash delivery services: Maybe the second-longest money transfer method in the world, cash pick up services are one of the easiest ways to send money, mostly preferred by people who don’t have bank accounts. Western Union and MoneyGram are some of the best examples here. Being one of the oldest methods, cash pickup services are also taking advantage of the online space by making some of their services available online. For example, you can use the Western Union App to send money to the preferred pick-up point in Ukraine. The transfer is instant but it may not be the cheapest way of sending money from France to Ukraine.

Things to consider when sending money from France to Ukraine

Before sending money from France to Ukraine, you need to make sure that you pick the best money transfer service for you. To do this, you will need to take the following into account.

Transfer period: You must know how long it will take for your transfer to be complete. Doing this will help you know if you should use the bank, a money app, or direct cash transfer. Understand that it may take anything between a couple of minutes to five days before your money can reach Ukraine and it all depends on the transfer method that you choose.

Exchange rates: Exchange rates decide for you how much EUR you are supposed to send. That is why it is always important to make sure that you find the best rate to send money from France to Ukraine by comparing available options. At Exchange Rate IQ, we make this task easier for you by providing you with a full comparison of some of the best rates as provided by the transfer agents. We keep our database updated at all times so that you can enjoy convenient services without making miscalculations.

Accessibility to the receiver

You need to pick a transfer option that will be easier for the person on the other end to get it. Without doing so, you will end up spending much more on your transfer because you will need the funds to be reversed and the transfer fee may not be reimbursed. The good news is, we help you to avoid making all these errors.


Do I need a bank account to send money from France to Ukraine?

Not really. Provided that you have your legal documents and identification, you can send money directly to Ukraine through services like Western Union.

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Can I pay for goods or in Ukraine directly from France?

Professional companies in Ukraine are taking advantage of international money transfer by making it possible to receive international payments. That is because a significant number of Ukrainians stay abroad and are occasionally required to send money for projects.

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How many apps can I use to send money to Ukraine?

You can use as many apps as you wish provided that you are eligible to use them. It is a good idea to have more than one that is providing competitive rates.

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Compare Currency Conversion EUR To EUR

Send Euro Member Countries To UKRAINE Receive Euro Member Countries
50 EUR TO EUR 50
100 EUR TO EUR 100
250 EUR TO EUR 250
500 EUR TO EUR 500
1000 EUR TO EUR 1000
5000 EUR TO EUR 5000
10000 EUR TO EUR 10000
Send Euro Member Countries Receive Euro Member Countries From UKRAINE
1000 EUR FROM EUR --
5000 EUR FROM EUR --
10000 EUR FROM EUR --

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XE Money Transfer € 1
Azimo € 1

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