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Kenya is one of the largest growing economies in Africa and every one person out of three of its population is residing in abroad to earn a better living for their family. They always search for how to send money to Kenya in a safe and affordable manner and therefore, here we have listed the companies which offer the best rates to send money to Kenya.

Exchange Rate IQ is a unified platform where you can get a brief review of many money transfer companies so that you can select the service which is best. Besides, you can also compare companies’ side-by-side so that you can know which is offering better rates and transfer fees.

No matter whether you are making a bank account transfer or doing online transaction, you must first check the mid-market rates and then made a transfer through the company which is offering best rates and low transfer fees. This will lead you to make a cheap way to send money to Kenya.

Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Kenya from USA

transferwise's Reviews
109986 reviews

1 USD = 110.1 KES

worldremit's Reviews
44364 reviews

1 USD = 107.45 KES

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xoom's Reviews
21961 reviews

1 USD = 105.96 KES

remitly's Reviews
32335 reviews

1 USD = 111.03 KES

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