Welcome to ExchangeRateIQ for iPhone

An app for comparing money transfer - wherever you are!

There are exciting changes happening in the ExchangeRateIQ world. Rate Alert and Android App are arguably the most exciting of them! ExchangeRateIQ will soon be used as a true guide for comparing money transfer.

Our biggest dream is “Be Visible to All the Users In Every Manner” and helping them in making decision for their money transfer. So after successful launch of our Android App, we tried to move another step forward and decided to launch an iOS App to reach iOS users as well.

So, We are very pleased to announce release of our iOS App that will help you discover the best way to send money across the globe.


  • Compare live exchange rates & find today’s best exchange rate
  • Compare money transfer providers
  • Get actual realized exchange rate by individual provider according to their offered exchange rate and fee
  • Get real time mid market rate
  • Get money transfer coupons and promotions

We are very excited about creating features or apps that will help you to compare rates and fees for your money transfer so that you can SAVE MONEY maximum. We plan on adding new features soon! We would love to hear your suggestions on what features would be important to you!