Introducing Money Transfer Comparison App

We’re extremely hAPPy to announce the launch of our Money Transfer Comparison App for Android to compare rates of all the major money transfer companies.

Moving abroad, away from your homeland can be exciting and challenging. It becomes a necessity to transfer money to your loved ones for a wedding, a medical expense or just to help with everyday expenses, especially if you can’t be there yourself.

Among so many options or ways to transfer money, it is extremely important to shop round for the best deal before you remit money and make sure that more of your hard-earned cash reaches your loved ones. Finding the cheapest provider can mean great savings.

So our solution in the form of Android App, is now available to you for free in Google Play Store.

ExchangeRateIQ App Features and Highlights –

  • Compare exchange rates & find today’s best exchange rate
  • Highest exchange rate is always on top, so you can decide in one glance
  • Compare money transfer providers
  • Get actual realized exchange rate by individual provider according to their offered exchange rate and fee
  • Get real time mid market rate
  • Get money transfer coupons and promotions
  • Get TrustPilot ratings

Let’s Have A Look On App –

compare-exchange-rate-configurationJust Type-In Where You Want To Send Money

compare_remit_moneyCompare Rates & Fees To Get The Best

Know All About The Offered Rate Before You Send

remittance-providers-offersExplore Offers & Deals

And we’re not done yet — Many more features are in the Queue.

So that’s it! Please enjoy our money transfer comparison app — we know your device will really APPreciate it.