5 Reasons why it is Easier to Outsource from India Today
By ExchangeRateIQ
4 years ago
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There is no day in the history of India where the online freelancing space has been so robust. Thanks to the internet, many companies from across the world have been able to remotely hire professional services online from India.Some of the main factors that has made India the number one target when it comes to outsourcing professional services include;

  1. Required skills are readily available :

    It is said that India has one of the most advanced education systems in the world. That is evident from the number of medical breakthroughs and other achievements in various professional fields. With a very high population, India also experiences a high unemployment rate which means, the hundreds of thousands pf professionals who graduate end up without jobs and decide to take up online freelancing as an alternative. Many companies have also realized that it takes time to conduct interviews in order to pick the right candidate for the job. Instead of wasting more time finding and training people for a particular job, many companies would rather find someone who is well conversant with the job position. That way they cut on cost and time taken to recruit a required skill.
  2. Fair money exchange rates:

    Any company will only outsource from India or another country online only if there are fair exchange rates. This is important because it determines how much money you will spend for the service. What many people don’t like is sending money to India or anywhere in the world with high exchange rates. Typically, that means you are likely to spend more money on sending funds. In India however, the exchange rate is fair and sending money from India to the United States has never been easy. That can explain why the Indian Rupee is one of the most traded currencies in the world with billions in circulation.
  3. Availability of internet in India:

    Internet is more accessible in India and this play an important role in the world of online freelancing. Unless you forget, without the internet, it is impossible for computers to communicate through a network and that generally means no outsourcing. The accessibility of the internet in India explain the billions of daily active internet users and the advancement of other online activities and services. If the internet was expensive in India, not so many people could be able to afford it and this could greatly limit many professionals from remotely providing their services. It clearly tells you that the internet is not a relatively new thing in India.
  4. It is less costly from the US

    According to reports, many American companies opt to partner with India freelancers because it cost them less. Outsourcing a good ghostwriter from India is cheaper that hiring one from America. That is mainly because the American currency has more weight plus, the exchange rates will favor the whole process since the dollar has more weight than the rupees. The main basis of outsourcing is to find the needed services faster and at a lower cost and sending money from the US to India Offers just that. The number of American companies that have partnered with Indian professionals or companies is alarming and the rest of the world is picking the same trend.
  5. Online freelancing is not new to Indians:

    Many people opt to outsource from India mainly because Indians understand how it works. That makes it easy for companies that outsource in this country because they don’t have to be worried about service delivery. If you want to know how much Indians are well conversant with freelancing online then you should try and check out their profiles in some of the freelancing platforms available online.

Conclusion :

The coprate world is taking a whole new direction now that they don’t need to go through so much hustle in order to find qualified employees. Although this is true, it is safe to say that India is one of the main beneficially of online freelancing opportunity. It has reached a appoint where Indians themselves are now outsourcing for services online from other country and that just explains the level of establishment the online professional space has in India. However much India has a good reputation for having good freelancers, deciding to outsource from India can be risky due to con artists who are only after money. You will want to be careful.


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